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Steve Emanuel says

"I've designed Steve Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE to guide you through every element of preparing for the MBE. I've taken the MBE five times, in five different states, since 2007. And I've reviewed practically every one of the nearly 1000 questions the MBE examiners have publicly released. So I know what topics the examiners test, how they test them, and what rules of law and test-taking techniques you need to know to answer the questions.

"Here's what I've put into my Bootcamp :

  • 30 hours of online lectures (5 hours per MBE subject) on just those substantive legal principles that the examiners have shown they test over and over. Each lecture is accompanied by hundreds of detailed animated slides illustrating what the lecturer is saying. And each lecture has dozens of hypos woven into the discussion.
  • Hundreds of test-yourself questions -- short-answer, fill-in-the-blank, and multiple choice -- integrated into the online lectures. These questions let you constantly exercise your question-answering muscles -- you're not just passively listening to the lectures, you're being tested, and getting continuous feedback about where you need to do extra review.
  • 6 substantive outlines, averaging 120 pages, on the 6 subjects, again covering just those substantive rules that get tested over and over again. You get these outlines in hard copy, and you also have access to most parts of them by context-sensitive links inside the online lectures.
  • A workbook containing over 500 MBE-format questions, with detailed answers, organized by precise sub-topic. So, for instance, in Contracts, you'll find, grouped together in one place, all questions involving promissory estoppel  --  both questions where that doctrine represents the correct analysis and those where it represents merely a "wrong choice."
  • A 200-question Self-Assessment Test, which you will take at the beginning of the course (you choose between taking the test online or using paper-and-pencil to fill in a bubble sheet). Use the Self-Assessment test, and our computerized scoring of it, to measure your relative strengths and weaknesses, and to determine where to focus your study time.
  • A 200-question Simulated Exam, designed to be taken in exam-like conditions at the end of the course. The Simulated Exam is as close to a real MBE as we can make it. You'll take it in the prescribed six hours (3 hours for 100 questions in the morning, followed by 1 1/2 hours for lunch, followed by 3 hours for 100 questions in the afternoon.)  You'll get not only an overall score , but also a personalized topic-by-topic analysis (e.g., "You need Improvement in Offer & Acceptance"). And you'll get detailed online explanations of every question, covering both why each right choice is right and why each wrong choices are wrong.
  • A 60-page "Emanuel Confidential" booklet, designed for your night-before-the-exam reading. I've put into this booklet just the "highest value" rules and techniques I can -- the items that, based on my years of studying the MBE , represent the most valuable combination of likely-to-be-tested and non-obvious.

"I want you to know that Bootcamp is my own personal work-product. I wrote virtually every word of the lecture scripts and the slides for them.  I wrote every word of the six subject-matter outlines  and the Emanuel Confidential booklet. I either hand-picked or created every one of the questions for the workbook, the Self-Assessment Test and the Simulated Exam. I wrote or edited every one of the model answers to all of the hundreds of questions that make up this course.

"Steve Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE is built on the foundations of our acclaimed Emanuel Bar Review live MBE Refresher and Intensive Workshop courses, which have helped hundreds of students in five cities excel on the Multistate during the last two years.

"I've persuaded my colleagues at Emanuel Bar Review to let me offer this course for the unbelievably low price of $195.  And, if you sign up for the course and don't like it, we offer a full no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (see "Money-Back Guarantee" on this website for details) for 20 days after you receive your password and materials.

"So I hope you'll give Steve Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE a try.


Steve Emanuel